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ERP Project Management

Which ERP system is right for our company? Which system fits our business and budeget best?

What we can do for you

Set-up, Monitoring and Auditing of ERP Project Plans

– Scope Definition and break-down in work packages
– Definition of time line and sequence of all work packages as well as the overall project
– Budgeting
– Contingency and back-up planning
– Planning, Execution and Evaltuation of Project Status Meetings


PMO (Project Management Office) Set-up

we design PMO Teams that are customized for your specific ERP project, strong enough to organize your project and small enough to stay flexible and agile.
– Defining PMO tasks and roles
– Outlining Criteria List for each PMO role
– Definig PMO tools and standards (e.g. documentation repository, methodologies, etc.)


Operative Project Management

Depending on the specific requirements of your ERP project (slected ERP system, industry of your company, size and scope of the Project, selected implementation partner, etc.) we provide you with the right Project Manager für your ERP project.


ERP Project Reviews and Audits

We offer independent Project Reviews and Audits to provide you with an objective Assesment of your ERP Project.
– Structured plan/actual-analysis for solution design, time line, budget
– Quality Audits for all project deliverables (e.g. project Charter, Project Plan, Business Blueprint, System design, etc.)


Risk Management

– Identifying and listing potential project risks
– Assessment of the listed project risks
– Developing efficient Risk Control Tools
– Continuous Risk Monitoring


Change Management

– Preparing the internal organisational changes that are necessary to start an ERP project
– Enabling the relevant employees and departments to manage the ERP project
– Preparing the whole organisation to cope with the changes that come with the new ERP system

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