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Wolfgang Lehmann


Wolfgang Lehmann has more than 25 years of experience of selecting and implementing ERP systems around the world. Having spent the last 12 years in emerging market in Asia and the Middle East he does not only know the western “Best Practice”, but also the special requirements of these emerging markets. Living in Iran he knows things in Iran work differntly and is able to bridge the gap between the western and the oriental way of business. Wolfgang has managed a multitude of ERP projects ranging from mid-sized companies to blue-chip multi-nationals. In addition to running Kaman Wolfgang teaches “Information System Management” at Amirkabir University in Tehran.


Dr. Nafise Rahimzadeh


Born and Raised in Iran Nafiseh moved to Stanford, Calfornia after finishing university in Tehran. Studying and working in the US for 10 years, she came back to Iran in 2010 to run her family’s business “Nafis Cartonplast”. Since then Nafis Cartonplast more than doubled its number of employees and its revenue. This growth was fueled not only by her passion for the business, but also by optimizing the business processes and the implementation of an ERP sytem. Ms Rahimzadeh knows what it takes to implement an ERP system in Iran. She knows the “Dos and Don’ts” of implementing ERP and applys this first hand experience to Kaman’s projects.