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ERP Project Compass

How can I make sure the new ERP system supports my long-term business strategy?

The main purpose of an ERP system is to help running the business better, saver , smother and more efficiently. We help you aligning your ERP project with your overall business strategy.

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ERP Project Roadmap

What are the pitfalls when selecting and implementing a new ERP system? How do set the scope, plan the timeline and size the costs?

Before embracing on the journey of implementing an ERP system you need to know what is ahead of you and plan it: The various project phases, the tasks, the challenges, the required resources, the costs. We will develop together with you a roadmap that gives all stakeholders the necessary orientation and confidence.

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ERP Readiness Assessment

Is our company yet ready to implement a sophisticated ERP System?

Implementing an ERP system is not ‘business as usual’. It is a complex project that requires prudent preparation. Organization, business processes and the mind set of employees need to be ready for such change. We help you checking the readiness of your company.

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ERP System Selection

Which ERP system is right for our company? Which system fits our business and budget best?

There is no ERP system that fits all companies. Depending on your current business, your strategy for the future, your budget and the overall market situation you need to find the ERP system that suits the situation of your company. We make sure you consider all relevant aspects and balance them wisely.

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Project Management Office Set-up

How do we organize, manage and monitor our ERP Implementation project efficiently?

Project Management is the key to each and every ERP project. Quality, time line and costs depend on a experienced project manager and a well organized Project Management Office (PMO) around him. With more than 20 years of experience we will set-up a PMO that fits your company and your ERP implementation project.

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ERP Project Risk Management

How do we organize, manage and monitor our ERP Implementation project efficiently?

Every ERP project by nature contains uncertainties and risks. Without risk management, the project is in jeopardy and balancing on a knife’s edge. The schedule will not be realistic, the budget will blow out, the project could fail and written off as a sunk cost. Let us prevent such disaster by a professional risk management.

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